Art in Conversation

In anticipation of our upcoming event with The Creators Collective, we wanted to offer our readers a chance to participate in the same kind of collaborative process our poets and artists will be engaging in at the show. The challenge is to take a poem and find images in your own world that relate and speak to what you took from the poet's words. The very talented Abby Hellauer provided us with the base material:

Once we've collected all the images captured, Abby will create new poems based on the photos, thus incorporating your contributions into a whole new work of art. Already we've seen some great submissions to the #EvolutionCollab tag on instagram:

If you would like to add your own image to our growing gallery, and have the opportunity to have a personal poem made about your piece, just upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #EvolutionCollab and be sure to tag @peloruspress and @theartcreators. Then get your ticket for our event here to see your work on display with the words it inspired!